Förbom Properties

Customers as partners

Förbom Properties owns, develops and rents office, business and logistics properties. Förbom Properties can modify properties to become business environments that are conducive to its customers’ success. The company also designs new business premises. One of the company’s strengths is its solid local knowledge of the Turku region as a business environment. In its operations, Förbom Properties focuses on creating strong and long-lasting partnerships with its customers, and on ensuring that its business properties have just the characteristics for their tenants. A crucial element in the company’s trustworthy partnerships is the fact that it caters to the unique needs of customers and provides comprehensive property management services, so that customers can focus their resources on developing their own business.

Central location of properties

The company keeps its property portfolio fairly small in order to guarantee the best service and locations for its customers. All properties are situated at important junctures, within a five-kilometre radius of central Turku.

The properties are all along Satakunnantie, a road joining the city of Turku with the town of Raisio. Satakunnantie is highly trafficked and it is surrounded by several retail clusters. The properties are placed in one of Turku’s fastest-evolving areas, which already contains the services of IKEA, Bauhaus, Biltema, several car dealerships, and shopping centres Mylly (one of Finland’s largest shopping centres) and Länsikeskus. Our Satakunnantie properties currently cater to businesses such as Automaa Turku’s Ford dealership and interior decoration store RTV.

Benefiting from local knowledge

One of Förbom Properties’ main strategies is to ensure that the placement of its properties makes use of the company’s solid local knowledge. This strategy produces immediate benefits for both parties in the customer relationship. In future the company will continue to invest in the tried and tested Satakunnantie area, by renovating some of its existing properties and possibly building all-new retail properties in the area.

Company Founder - Yrjö Förbom
Yrjö Förbom - company founder

Staff meeting
Staff meeting on Puutori market square in Turku

Satakunnantie: an important artery

Retail properties
Rented retail properties in 1999